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Check out what our employees and customers have said about us!

My name is Chip. One of the first things that jumped out at me was the family atmosphere that is apparent around the work place. Ron is "one of us"...
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Hello, my name is Joseline Funes. I began my paid training the summer of 2021 and started driving for Whitcraft the 2021-2022 school year. Since the first day I contacted Whitcraft I was welcomed and motivated to become a bus driver. I was nervous and scared to drive such a big school bus, however, Donna my trainer, was supportive and confident that I would be a good bus driver...
Hi, my name is Jackie. Whitcraft Services, Inc located in Parkton, MD, is a school bus contractor that provides transportation to students in many Baltimore County Public Schools. I joined the company 24 years ago. Over the years, this small family-owned business was eventually purchased by the Operations Manager, Ron Prettyman, and has doubled in size...  
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Ruth M, Grandmother
I'm sending Whitcraft Bus Services a grateful shout out because caring for our students is what they're all about. In September 2014, grandson ET, a new freshman at Hereford High School, at the end of his first day, boarded an "OLD YORK ROAD" bus to go home ~ how cool! Little did he know that OLD YORK is really many miles long, running from Paper Mill in Phoenix to Route 45 near I-83 ~ the bus he boarded was WRONG! You see he lived at the very Southern edge of the GREAT HEREFORD ZONE.  The bus arrived at Whitcraft's Parkton lot ~ the end of the route~ the boy was alone! "Where's my stop? Where's my house? Nothing around here looks like mine!" ET then learned that his "OLD YORK ROAD" bus had to be another one in line! The Whitcraft folks sorted it all out, called his home and family to say: "We have ET here; he's safe and okay. Talk to him now ~ you'll make his day!" Now it's Tuesday January 18, 2022. The family has moved to Patricks Court near Friendly Farm. This time grandaughter ST rides Whitcraft's bus bus #603; Dick the driver's got charm. ST, a junior at Hereford High School, likes to sit alone in the back of the bus. She listens to music and tries to be good ~ she doesn't like to make any fuss. Well, what happened that day caused her concern, worry, and alarm. As she got off the bus, her very smallwhite iPod case stayed on the seat ~ no harm? Uh-oh. ST got home and remembered where that case had to be. So, her family called Mark at Whitcraft Bus Services ~ "Please, can the driver look to see if on the last seat on the driver's side ~ is there a very small white iPod case ~ left by ST who will rejoice and be happy with a masked smiling face ~ if the driver will look, he will save her day!" He did it! For 75 years Whitcraft has cared for students in this county! Try counting the number, it would add up to a huge bounty! SO, thanks to you bus drivers who take charge of our students, both young and old ~ You all have great stories; we'd love to hear you share; the really should be told! [Sent with gratitude to all Whitcraft's folks who are dedicated to our youngsters!] Ruth L. M




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