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jackie's Testimony

     Hi, my name is Jackie. Whitcraft Services, Inc located in Parkton, MD, is a school bus contractor that provides transportation to students in many Baltimore County Public Schools. I joined the company twenty four years ago. Over the years, this small family-owned business was eventually purchased by the Operations Manager, Ron Prettyman, and has doubled in size.  I interviewed with Ron back in 1998 and felt it would be the perfect job for a mother with school-aged children. 

     I was looking for something where I could work when my children were in school and have off when the schools were closed. It was an ideal situation for me and my family. 
    The company and employees were very welcoming. Whitcraft provided me paid training in order to obtain a CDL license. Not only that, but they also have paid for the annual physical that is required to comply with CDL regulations.

     Over the years I have been a driver in the northern part of the county known as the famous, “Hereford Zone.” Many children have climbed the steps of my bus and I’ve been fortunate to have become a part of their lives and even more so, to have them become a part of mine. I have kept in touch with many of the families and recently one of my students, who had gone on to college and started her career, emailed me. She had moved to Colorado and was home visiting her parents and siblings. She told me how I came up in conversation and how much they enjoyed riding the bus. I had that family of four children from the time the oldest started kindergarten until the last graduated from high school. A run I had driven for 17 years. When the youngest was born I bought a stuffed elephant as a baby gift. When she finished high school, she reminded me of the elephant that she named “E.” She still had him, worn but very loved. It was simply heartwarming. It truly has been a rewarding job for me.

     I love what I do every day and I feel as though Whitcraft has been the place for me. It is a wonderful place to work where I’ve felt appreciated. It’s a company that gives back to the employees throughout the year with various incentives. We have get togethers and know each other on a more personal basis than just being “co-workers.” I have made long lasting friendships where we’ve even gotten to know each other’s families as well.  

     Whitcraft not only cares about their employees, but they care about the communities that they serve. In the Hereford Zone during the holiday season, a local family in need, is chosen with the guidance of the schools and Whitcraft along with their employees help them through monetary donations, gifts for the children, and a food drive. It can be a very stressful time of year, so it’s nice to make the holidays special and a little brighter for others. 

     I made the right choice by joining a company like Whitcraft that works together as a team— a team that cares about each other and the communities we serve. We all take pride in what we do and it doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s been a great “ride” for me! 

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