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Valentine's Day Surprise!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Surprising our Building Service Workers with a Special Thank you!

Our Building Service Workers often go unnoticed unless there is mess that needs to be cleaned up! They work behind the scenes to make our schools a pleasant environment to learn in and we wanted to thank them for their hard work!

We had the idea to put together some Valentine goody bags as a way to show our appreciation. We got everything we needed to make the bags and then hand delivered them to our friends as a surprise.

We have been helped more than once by our Building Service Workers when we have arrived at a school with a mess on our bus from a sick child. They have been quick to help us with whatever we needed to get everything cleaned up and we are so grateful for that!

So because of all you do, we here at Whitcraft send out a big thank you to the Building Service Workers at Hereford High School, Hereford Middle School, Sparks Elementary School, and Jacksonville Elementary School who work behind the scenes and make everyone's lives so much easier. Thank you so much for making our schools tidy and for cleaning up all of the messes that no one else wants to clean up!

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