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     We wanted to highlight one of our driver's recent milestones. Meet Jim Curran known as "Mr. Jim". He has been one of our drivers for over 20 years and this year was inducted into the Sparks Hereford Athletic Hall of Fame! Not only is being inducted into a hall of fame an accomplishment, but Mr. Jim is the only bus driver to have ever been inducted into the Sparks Hereford Hall of Fame!

     Mr. Jim began driving Hereford High School teams to their games in 2002 and has driven teams to close to 50 county, regional, and state championship titles. Not only that, but he has driven Hereford Lacrosse to every away game for 21 years. His passion for sports started when he was a boy playing basketball and baseball. He then coached softball and girl’s soccer and then moved on to taking teams to their games for Whitcraft. He loves Hereford Sports and did not only drive the teams to their games, but would also attend those games cheering them on. His participation didn't stop there. As he saw rival teams in action, he would scout them and give a scouting report to the Hereford Coaches.

     While Mr. Jim transported the teams safely to their games, he made it a point to learn the names of the players. As he continued transporting the teams to games, he began to build relationships with the players, coaches, and parents. The connection grew the more he drove the teams. He said that the teams seem to get along really well and better than other teams he has witnessed. He said that the players in Hereford seem to have a closeness that he hasn't ever seen in other teams.

     When he was told that he was being inducted he was shocked and couldn’t believe it. He was touched so much that it brought tears to his eyes. He never expected that a bus driver would be inducted into the Hall of Fame!

     He says that the kids, coaches, and parents are really good, treat him well, are respectful, and appreciate the job he does. He continues because of how they treat him and said that it is unreal what they’ve done for me!

     Here are some quotes from parents and coaches who know Mr. Jim that were first published for the Hall of Fame Banquet and were provided to us by Dr. Liz Berquist the Director of Employee Training and Development for Baltimore County Public Schools.

“You may know him best as the bus driver. I know him as the man who helped coach the girls lacrosse teams. The man who scouted games. The man who provided support on and off the field. The man who knew every players name and where she was going to college. The man who encouraged every player regardless of her role. The man who let out the biggest YIPPEE when we beat a rival. And yes, the man who drove the bus. Mr. Jim was by far the best assistant coach I had during my time with the lacrosse program.


-Anne Ensor, Former Lacrosse Coach, Hall of Fame Member

“Mr. Jim was a figure of support, encouragement, and consistency. He was a rock to our children and all of the children he drove to and from games. He was a true role model for young people, a man who displayed all of the traits we aspired to teach our children: kindness, consistency, support, encouragement, and unconditional love. Long after our children forget the particulars of their athletic careers, the scores of games, the plays they did or didn’t make, they remember Mr. Jim. They remember his kind words of support, his abiding friendship, his lasting presence. A measure of any success is how well it endures. Mr. Jim endures.”


-Lee Ann and Gerry Sandusky, parents

“Season after season, Mr. Jim has proven that his role is much more valuable than just super fan. His analysis of athletes and other teams is consistently accurate, and he has become our top scout. His loyalty in driving us to games, but also commitment in taking off on our home game days so he doesn’t have to drive other teams, has made him a staple in our traditions. He is a tradition. On the very few occasions when he hasn’t been able to drive us, athletes (and coaches) panic because he isn’t there to support us.”


- Catilin Duvall, Varsity Field Hockey Coach


“While coaching at HHS, I was consistently amazed at Mr. Jim’s ability to remember each and every athlete and their family members. He was truly part of our coaching team, breaking down our opponents, helping to pump up our players, and providing a listening ear and sage advice to the coaching staff. As a parent, you always want your children surrounded by people who care about them. Mr. Jim has followed my girls career through rec and club; he remembers everything about their journey, he asks them thoughtful questions and now cheers them on as Hereford Varsity athletes.”


-Liz Berquist, Former Field Hockey and Lacrosse Coach, Parent

"I have been on several teams that have went to championship games and lost; despite the sadness and pain after the game, you better believe that Mr. Jim was there at the bus telling us that it was ok because we tried our best and that’s all that mattered. He would remind us how incredible it is to be part of a team and to have the experience. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have had someone like Mr. Jim in my life."


-Jordan Peterson, HHS Class of 2022, James Madison University Lacrosse, Class of 2026



Congratulations Mr. Jim, we appreciate you and celebrate this honor with you!



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